Steph Curry Doesn’t Blame The Rockets For Saying They’re Confident Right Now

02.28.18 12 months ago

Getty Image

The Houston Rockets are saying all the right things right now. Their latest public proclamation of confidence about their ability to topple the Golden State Warriors came via James Harden, who said that he earnestly believes this is the year that Houston is able to get the job done out west.

It comes off like the team is 100 percent ready to battle the Warriors and prevent them from making the NBA Finals for the fourth year in a row. But in Steph Curry‘s eyes, that might not necessarily be the case. Instead, Curry posits that the Rockets are just, you know, saying the stuff that a basketball team should be saying if it wants to win a title.

Curry was asked about how confident Houston is right now, and more or less said that he’d be more concerned if its players were saying anything other than “we think we can get the job done.”

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