Steph Curry Is ‘Really Serious’ About Becoming An Owner Of The Carolina Panthers

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The Carolina Panthers need a new owner, as it was announced that Jerry Richardson will sell the team amid allegations of sexual harassment. In response to this news, plenty of people are trying to get involved in an ownership group. Diddy has expressed interest in purchasing the team and bringing Colin Kaepernick on board as a quarterback. Kaepernick eventually responded, saying he wants to get in on the purchase of the franchise with Diddy.

Stephen Curry, who is from the greater-Charlotte area and is a well-documented fan of Cam Newton and co., also has said he wants to get involved. As it turns out, Curry’s interest isn’t just a case of a celebrity saying things for fun. Curry and Kevin Durant sat down for an exclusive interview with Rachel Nichols of ESPN, and during the course of their conversation, the thought of Curry owning the Panthers came up.

Curry didn’t just say he’s “really serious” about getting involved, but the way he framed it, the former MVP and Golden State Warriors star sees owning a piece of his favorite team as a way to “impact” his hometown.

Curry obviously views being involved in the team in some capacity as really important. Whether he ever gets the chance to purchase the team remains to be seen, but it is cool to see that he wants to get involved.