Steph Curry’s Shoes Are Getting Roasted Again

Steph Curry is a back-to-back NBA MVP winner and is one of the NBA’s most popular players, but he just cannot figure out how to please the internet when it comes to his shoes. The Warriors star is on his third signature Under Armour shoe and while the early versions of the Curry 3 were able to avoid the ridicule of the Curry 2 Low — which, the day those dropped remains one of the all-time best days in Twitter history — the latest Curry 3 “Oxblood” has brought back the jokes.

The whole thing started when Bomani Jones found the leather shoes on the Under Armour website and simply tweeted “go” with the link, which everyone knew was the green flag dropping for a good old fashioned shoe roast. Unlike the Curry 2 Low, which was reviled for being the ultimate dad sneaker and just being a swaggerless white sneaker, the issue with the Oxblood 3 is the leather and the color and, folks, it’s not good.

I’ve liked some of the Curry 3s — the Chinese New Year colorway in particular — but this one is just a miss. Kids love the Curry line of shoes, as he’s captivated the young shoe audience with his sneakers. If you go to a park you’ll see a bunch of adults in Nikes, Jordans, and adidas, while there will be kids in the Curry Under Armour joints. However, this particular shoe appears to be targeted at adults (what 12-year-old wants some dark red leather sneakers?) and it is not landing well with that audience, at least on Twitter.