Steph Curry Calls The Rock In HBO’s ‘Ballers’ Season 3 Trailer

Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors’ efforts at revenge against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals begin on Thursday night with Game 1 in Oakland, but Thursday was also big for the Warriors’ superstar for another reason. The new trailer for Season 3 of HBO’s series Ballers, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, revealed that Curry will be a guest star this season.

We don’t know what episode Curry will be starring in, but all we know is that, whatever episode it is, The Rock and Rob Corddry are extremely excited that he is giving their firm a call from the tarmac of an airport after hopping off of a private plane — which, is the most Entourage sequencing in television history since Entourage last had some famous person walking around a tarmac full of private planes while on the phone with a main character. Also, I want to know if he was directed to talk on his phone like that or if Steph is one of those people that exclusively talks on his cell phone with it on speaker. This is the biggest question that I draw from this clip.

Also, it’s revealed in the trailer that The Rock’s character wants to orchestrate the move of an NFL team to Las Vegas. I’m really into the idea of Ballers just taking real life things that happen and inserting The Rock into them as the impetus for those actions for the rest of the series. I will now choose to believe that in real life The Rock was the one that brokered the deal to move the Raiders to Vegas and you cannot convince me otherwise. Circling back to the Curry phone call, maybe he is calling The Rock to thank him for being the behind the scenes influence that pushed Kevin Durant to the Warriors, because when The Rock wants something to happen, it happens.