Steph Curry’s Incredible Three-Quarter Court Shot Went In, But It Didn’t Beat The Buzzer

Associate Editor

Goodness, Steph Curry. For all of the crazy shots you’ve hit during your career, this is maybe the most impressive, even if you didn’t get it off in time.

The Warriors are playing the Pacers on Monday night. Right before halftime, Curry got the ball, dribbled a few times, and unloaded a contested shot from the opposite three point line. He had to hesitate while he was in the air, but he still somehow knocked this shot down.

The issue was that it was really obvious that Curry hit this shot after the buzzer. It’s a shame, because he really deserved three points for this. Maybe we can compromise and give him like a point and a half. He deserves something, no matter how long after the buzzer he got the shot off.

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