Under Armour’s New ‘Rule Yourself’ Spot Features An Army Of Steph Currys

Some players are born with all the tools to succeed in the NBA. LeBron James was basically ready for the NBA by the time he was in high school. Other players don’t have it so easy. Stephen Curry, for example, may have had the pedigree for the league, but with his slight frame and less-than-blazing speed, he’s not exactly the idea of the prototypical NBA guard.

So Steph had to work. He had to make his handles better than anyone in the NBA. He had to remake his jumpshot from the ground up, scrapping the shoulder heave and molding it into the flawless fling we see today. Curry was never born to win the MVP, but through his work, he did it anyways.

Curry’s new Under Armour commercial reflects his tireless work ethic, emphasized by Curry’s “Day in, day out” voiceover. Visually, it’s stunning, showing an army of Currys going through all of his various pre-game dribbling drills. The spot is part of Under Armour’s “Role Yourself” campaign, which started with a commercial featuring other brand athletes like Misty Copeland and Jordan Spieth. Curry is arguably Under Armour’s marquee athlete (though one could certainly make the argument for Spieth), and his marketability has skyrocketed since his MVP season.

Check out the making of behind-the-scenes of the shoot, where Curry explains what drives him to keep working even after capturing the 2015 NBA MVP And 2015 NBA Title.

(Via Under Armour)