Steph Curry’s Destructive Darling Of A Daughter Tore Up Post-Game Once Again

Remember when a select group of media members created an uproar by bemoaning the post-game media availability of Steph Curry’s adorable two-year old daughter?

Riding high on her father’s newly minted status as a Western Conference champion, Riley Curry somehow surpassed her previous bout of cuteness on Wednesday night – and put those lamenting her appearance by the MVP’s side to further shame.

She crooned some Drake.

Appeared even more disgusted by James Harden’s record-setting 13 turnovers than Houston Rockets fans.

And even played the most fun kind of peek-a-boo with her dad and a room full of reporters.

This is only the Conference Finals, too! Just imagine what Miss Curry will have in store for us once the real show finally begins next Thursday.

Can’t wait.