Stephen A. Smith Danced With The Jabbawockeez In Las Vegas For Some Reason

08.25.17 6 months ago


If you’ve never seen Stephen A. Smith dance and want to keep it that way, read no further. Go outside. Read a book. Play some Rocket League or something until you forget that dancing is a recreational activity some people enjoy and Friday morning television on ESPN can get weird sometimes.

Those of you that are still with us, prepare yourselves for one of the most bizarre things you’ve seen in at least the last 12 hours. Smith and Co. took the First Take show on the road to Las Vegas for the fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather on Saturday.

Somehow, this involves the dance troupe known as Jabbawockeez. The masked, gloved and generally spooky-looking gang takes the stage for a dance number that seems normal. Well, as normal as a Jabbawockeez dance number can get. Everything is fine until a figure appeared from behind a large poster of Floyd Mayweather.

Smith creeps into view at the 38 second mark of the video. Before that, it was an unremarkable display of dancing by some fellas in masks. But Smith’s appearance truly transcends the medium.

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