ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Went Bananas Suggesting That LeBron James Wants To Fight Kyrie Irving

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Much to the surprise of no one, things have apparently gotten really bad between LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. While LeBron claims to have been blindsided by Irving’s request for a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers, Irving reportedly has reason to believe that LeBron leaked the news of his trade request. LeBron also seems to have taken a subtle shot at Irving on Instagram a few days back, so basically, the relationship between the two has deteriorated seemingly out of nowhere.

But apparently, things are even worse than they appear, if you believe ESPN’s professional hot take haver Stephen A. Smith. At one point on his radio show, Smith claimed that sources in LeBron’s camp have told him that the former MVP is tempted to throw hands with Irving.

LeBron has always seemed to avoid getting into any type of serious confrontation with other basketball players, both on and off the court. He’s been in a scrap or two, sure, but he usually tries to make sure he doesn’t get caught up in the noise.

That’s why a report that he wants “beat [Irving’s] ass” is such a serious allegation. This just does not sound like LeBron James. You can take that to mean Smith’s sources are over-exaggerating (or, you know, wrong), or you can take that to mean LeBron is really, really annoyed by everything that has gone down with Irving. Either way, this entire story is preposterous.