Stephen A. Smith Delivered A Knicks Rant For The Ages After Steve Mills’ Press Conference

The Knicks are tied with the Warriors for the worst record in the NBA at 2-8, and on Sunday night they had their most embarrassing defeat yet, getting blasted at home by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

After the loss, Knicks president Steve Mills held a rare impromptu press conference in which he stated that he expressed disappointment in the team’s performance thus far, and that the expectations coming into this year was that the team would be better than it is. While he offered public support for coach David Fizdale, reports are swirling that there is a plan in place to move on from Fizdale in his second season.

The Knicks being as bad as they are isn’t a massive surprise to most around the league, who had plenty of questions about the roster that features a logjam of power forwards and a jumbled mess of a point guard rotation. Rookie R.J. Barrett has been a bright spot, but otherwise, things are bleak in the Big Apple. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is one of the most prominent Knicks fans on sports television, so naturally, he had some thoughts about the Knicks and Mills’ presser on Monday.

Smith used a full segment of his radio show to light up the Knicks, delivering a rant for the ages in which he said “vagrants” he encountered on the street this year knew the Knicks would be terrible and calling for Mills to be drug tested immediately for his statement.

The most conflicting thing about the Knicks being so bad is that Knicks fans are the absolute best when it comes to expressing their anger and do so, often, in hysterical rants that are highly entertaining for the rest of us. Stephen A. is the perfect embodiment of that and if nothing else, the Knicks continued misery provides him with some terrific material.