Steph Curry Has A Fun Idea For How He’ll Construct His Team As An All-Star Game Captain

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Stephen Curry was the big winner out of the Western Conference All-Star voting on Thursday, which means he will get to pick his teammates when the full roster is finally announced. While LeBron James will get the first pick, Curry will follow that up by having a nearly-full roster of All-Stars to work with when he drafts his team.

The obvious pick for Curry would be one of his Golden State Warriors teammates, with Kevin Durant topping that list of options. In fact, there might be as many as four Warriors players in the All-Star pool is settled, especially if Draymond Green has his way.

We’ve already explored some options for LeBron when he makes his choice, but Curry has his own ideas. He talked to reporters on Thursday night and joked that he might try to find a theme for his team: picking the shortest players available in the player pool.

“This won’t dominate my mind until probably the day of,” Curry admitted before joking about some of his draft philosophies. “I was joking: I don’t know who LeBron will take with the first pick, but depending on how that goes I might have to just pick all guards or something, to make it the shortest team possible.”

This would all be a whole lot more fun, of course, if we could see LeBron and Steph make these picks, but that’s not going to happen this week. Instead, we’ll have to have Steph explain themselves after the teams have been officially announced. And hopefully, Curry has his way and the All-Star Game is a contest of size and strength against speed and agility. That would be awesome.