Steph Curry Finds Andrew Bogut On A Pair Of Alley-Oops In A Dominant Dubs First Quarter

Some league followers believed the Golden State Warriors would suffer their first loss of the season against the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday night. After just one quarter of play, though, it’s clear Steph Curry and company have much, much different ideas.

Frank Vogel’s team, opening the game small as it does a majority of the time, committed a cardinal sin against the defending champions: playing at the Warriors’ pace. The result? A 44-28 deficit after 12 minutes of play marked by six Golden State triples and 12 assists.

Three-point shooting, obviously, is what the Warriors are known for most, which is exactly what makes them so impossible to defend. On this pair of alley-oops to Andrew Bogut from Curry, watch who draws multiple defenders away from the ball: the Splash Brothers.

Though they didn’t score on these possessions, Curry and Klay Thompson still had as big an impact on their outcome than anyone wearing gold. The scariest part? They combined for 30 points in the opening stanza, too. Yeesh.