Stephen Curry Discussed What Was Worse, Him Losing To Charles Barkley In Golf Or Nate Robinson Getting KO’d

Stephen Curry was quite busy this weekend, starting with playing in The Match III with Peyton Manning against Charles Barkley and Phil Mickelson on Friday and then launching his Curry Brand with Under Armour on Tuesday. He also was among the many NBA players that tuned in to watch Nate Robinson’s boxing debut that went very poorly against Jake Paul on Saturday night, and the two-time MVP went viral with a tweet at Nate that joked he did indeed shock the world, just not in a good way.

On Monday night, Curry joined Trevor Noah for an interview on The Daily Show to talk about the upcoming season and the launch of Curry Brand, but Noah began the interview by asking Curry about that tweet. Curry laughed about it but made sure to note that he loves Nate and that there are few guys more resilient than Robinson, and he’ll be betting on Nate to bounce back in whatever he does next. He also got asked about his own loss in The Match and which of the two was worse, losing to Charles Barkley in a golf event or Nate getting knocked out by Jake Paul.

Curry split the answer into two parts, saying Nate’s loss was worse because Steph didn’t have any physical harm come his way, but that his was arguably more embarrassing because of who it was against and how much trash talk he’ll have to deal with from Charles Barkley the rest of the year.