Stephen Curry Bet With His Mom About Turnovers

The Warriors are in Charlotte tonight, Stephen Curry‘s hometown — who remembers Del dropping buckets for the teal? — and the Dubs point is at the apex of his powers right now. The three-pointers, the kicks to Klay, the handle, it’s all coming together for No. 30, and while his old man might’ve taught him the bottom of the nylon is the only place for the ball to finish, his mom is the one that’s kept him from turning it over.

After recording 10 turnovers against Phoenix on Nov. 9 – aka as the apple turnover game — he hasn’t gone over four in a game. His mistake-free game could be attributed to a bet he made with his mom, Sonya Curry, after that Phoenix game:

“Over two (in a game), I owe her some money,” Curry tells Diamond Leung of the San Jose Mercury News. “And the Phoenix game (when Curry committed 10 turnovers), she racked up pretty heavily. So if I go below two, I get the money back. That’s my incentive, my motivation.”

In the eight games since leaving Phoenix, Curry has finished the game with just one turnovers, thereby winning his bet. He’s had one game with two turnovers, where the bet’s a push, and three games with three, where Sonya gets some green. Then there’s the four turnover game against Utah, which might’ve meant Sonya and Dell went out to dinner.

Coach Steve Kerr is as amazed as we are since Steph is leading the team in usage percentage this season.

“He’s always been a high-risk, high-reward player,” Kerr said. “The last couple weeks he’s become a low-risk, high-reward player. I mean, it’s incredible, really. Because when you have that much talent, and there are so many options for you out there, it’s hard to have no-turnover games.

“He’s really walked that line perfectly between attack and manage, and it’s been beautiful to watch.”

Steph is playing a little more under control and not forcing stuff when the offense breaks down; he’s making the easy pass and pulling it back when the play doesn’t develop. He’s playing like an MVP, and his mom deserves some credit.

(San Jose Mercury News)

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