Steph Curry Believes Donald Trump’s Tweet At LeBron Was ‘Based In Racism’

08.08.18 10 months ago 3 Comments

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Last week, LeBron James announced that he was opening a public school in his hometown of Akron, OH that will serve a historically underprivileged community and the at-risk students hungry for a quality education there. Not only are tuition, books, and meals free, the school will also provide outreach to parents who are struggling financially to help continue their education and find employment opportunities.

LeBron was almost universally lauded for his commitment to give back to his community in such a profound and meaningful way. But not by Donald Trump. Instead, the man whose own bogus university defrauded unsuspecting students of tens of thousands of dollars with a worthless diploma and subsequently went bankrupt decided to insult LeBron’s intelligence upon hearing that he’d deigned to criticize him during a CNN interview with Don Lemon.

The NBA world, naturally, rallied its support around LeBron, with current and former players, as well as assorted other league personnel, taking to Twitter to denounce Trump’s toxic divisiveness. Arch-nemesis Steph Curry was chief among them, as both he and LeBron have set aside their on-court rivalry in the past to unite against Trump, and Curry had to more to say on the matter during a Bay Area golf tournament on Wednesday when he characterized Trump’s attack as blatantly racist.

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