Could This New Shooting Drill Make Steph Curry Even More Unstoppable?

Yes, we know how horrifying the headline to this post is, but this funky drill that the Golden State Warriors have Stephen Curry doing in practice could potentially turn him into an even deadlier shooter. Basically, the one thing that Curry can’t do – mostly because it would be insane to try during a game – is immediately catching the ball way away from the hoop and throwing up an uncomfortable three while he’s being double teamed. He’s capable of doing just about everything else, but that seems like it would be too much even for the best shooter of all time.

But Bruce Fraser, Golden State’s player development coach, invented a drill called the “roll-out-chase-Steph-make-him-make-a-tough-shot” drill (the name needs some work) that looks to improve Curry’s ability to make tough shots while he’s being hounded. Fraser and special assistant Nick U’Ren are the ones who guard Curry during this drill, which is admittedly a bit silly and probably won’t help Curry too much because he won’t take shots this reckless during a game.

In fact, Felder admits that there’s “no strategic merit or value” to the drill. He’s basically saying that the main purpose is fun. But still, Curry has to make 21 impossibly difficult shots before the drill ends, so even if his development as a player isn’t of the utmost importance when he participates in this, it’s not crazy to think that this is somehow making him a better shooter.

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