Steph Curry Doesn’t Care What James Harden Thinks About Last Year’s MVP Award

10.09.15 4 years ago
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Last year’s MVP race in the NBA was a lot closer than it feels now, looking back on it. Sure, when all the games had been played, Stephen Curry was holding the Larry O’Brien trophy as well as the MVP, so it looks like a no-brainer today, but James Harden had a serious case, and it’s one he’s still making. Well, Steph heard James barking about last year’s trophy, and when asked what he thinks about it, his response boiled down to, “U mad?”

“I don’t know,” Curry said. “Different guys find different ways of motivating themselves. I’ve never been one to just . . . I’m obviously confident in what I do, and I know he’s confident in what he does. It might come out in a different way.

“I try not to do a lot of talking, especially (regarding) things that have passed. Obviously, you’ve got to motivate yourself and I’m sure he’s motivated this year to do some special things. I’m the same way.”

Okay, so it was a very diplomatic “U mad?”, if we’re being honest. Steph is not much for intense beefing — that’s Draymond Green’s game, why didn’t anyone ask him? — so a lighthearted poke at Harden continuing to pop off about how he got jobbed out of the award is all we’re going to get.

With Kevin Durant back looking good and Anthony Davis continuing to ascend to the cosmos, the MVP race is going to be even tougher for either Curry or Harden to win this season.

(Via CSN Bay Area)

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