Steph Curry Slipped Silly Phrases Into All-Star Media Day As A Joke With Jimmy Fallon

Via FallonTonight

Kemba Walker was the representative for the hometown Charlotte Hornets at the 2019 NBA All-Star Game but Steph Curry was as busy as anyone during the festival-like weekend. Curry is, of course, from the state of North Carolina and he was very visible throughout the week, from showing up at his alma mater of Davidson for a basketball game to direct participation in Saturday’s three-point contest and Sunday’s All-Star Game.

With that said, Curry had an under-the-radar activity during the three-day extravaganza and it was an undertaking prompted by NBC’s Jimmy Fallon. In short, Curry was challenged to slip a trio of phrases into his basketball-centric interviews and hilarity ensued when he managed to pull off the feat.

The first phrase of “energizer bunny” is relatively easy for an NBA player to slide in, simply because it can be a stand-in for the use of big-time energy in completing a task. The second of “flipping pancakes” isn’t too bad, either, as Curry demonstrated that simply inserting it as a memory from days gone by was a winning strategy. The final member of the trio of “wham bam can of ham” was quite a bit tougher and it did feel like Curry had to lean into the bit to make it happen before exiting the stage.

Somewhere, someone will be offended by this, as Curry is “supposed” to take all of these interviews seriously and he clearly had his focus elsewhere for at least part of his availability. In the end, though, this is just funny and Curry is the type of laid-back guy that could pull it off without breaking a sweat.