Stephen Curry And LeBron Lead Second Ballot Of 2015 NBA All-Star Game

The 64th NBA All-Star Game tips off on Feb. 15, so the second balloting returns were revealed during the New Year. No changes at the top with Stephen Curry leading the Western Conference voting and LeBron James leading the East, but Curry has gotten close to James in the overall lead, Pau Gasol passed Carmelo Anthony in the East, and Kobe Bryant continues to see strong returns for a chance at a backcourt slot alongside Curry in the West.

In the East, LeBron is leading the way among the frontcourt players with 775,810 votes, the most in the league. But Steph is close with 775,486 votes in the West backcourt.

Rounding out the Eastern Conference frontcourt are Pau Gasol (372,109) — who moved past ‘Melo (365,449) for second place in the East. In order, Chris Bosh, Kevin Love and Joakim Noah, round out the top six in the Eastern frontcourt returns.

John Wall leads all backcourt players in the East with 439,395 votes, and Dwyane Wade is in second with 396,757 votes. In order, Kyrie Irving (308,727), Kyle Lowry (274,741) and Jimmy Butler (174,250) round out the top five returns in the Eastern Conference backcourt.

In the West, Anthony Davis (732,154), Blake Griffin (403,415) and Marc Gasol (343,587) hold the starting three spots in the frontcourt with Tim Duncan, Kevin Durant and LaMarcus Aldridge bringing up the four, five and six spots.

Kobe Bryant is second behind Stephen Curry in the West backcourt with 694,665 votes. James Harden (516,514), Chris Paul (334,544) and Damian Lillard (147,955) are in the three, four and five backcourt slots in the West.

Here’s how to vote:

• The NBA.com ballot is available in 11 languages on NBA.com/asb. Voters can fill out one full ballot per day on NBA.com/asb from a desktop or mobile browser.
• Twitter voting allows fans to tweet a vote for 10 unique players each day throughout the All-Star balloting period. The tweet, retweet, or reply must include the player’s first and last name, along with hash tag #NBABallot.
• Facebook voting allows fans to post a status from their personal Facebook accounts. The posts must include the player’s first and last name, along with hash tag #NBABallot. Fans can post votes for 10 unique players per day.
• Fans can use Instagram to vote by posting an original photo, using #NBABallot and the player’s first and last name in the photo caption. Fans can vote for 10 unique players per day.
• Fans voting via SMS can text the player’s last name to 6-9-6-2-2 (“MYNBA”) on any wireless device. Fans can vote for 10 different players per day, per phone number, via SMS voting by sending 10 separate SMS messages, each one with a different player’s last name. Message and data rates may apply.

Here are the full results, per NBA.com:

Who is the biggest All-Star snub so far?

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