Watch Stephen Curry Film His Intense Face For NBA 2K16

07.21.15 4 years ago

Stephen Curry is many things. Cool under pressure. Sick ball handler. NBA MVP. NBA champion.

And most importantly, father of Riley Curry.

However, he’s not usually very angry on the court, or what one would call intense. So it’s fun to see his mean mug for a few seconds. The cause for the momentary intense face was the face/body scan shoot for EA Sports’ NBA 2K16 video game. Curry is one of the cover athletes for the game, along with James Harden and Anthony Davis.

For those who can’t wait, there is a behind the scenes video of Curry in a body sensor suit that captured him going through basketball movements. 2K engineers were able to capture Curry’s shooting motion, crazy handle and even those miraculous floaters before the big man can rotate.

Unfortunately for fans, the video doesn’t allow you to do this to fellow gamers.

(Warriors World, Diamond Leung)

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