Steph Curry, The League’s Reigning MVP, Isn’t A Top-Five Player In ‘NBA Live 16’

Stephen Curry
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For many, EA Sports’ NBA Live will always lag behind its chief competition. The graphics and glitches in this year’s preview edition certainly didn’t improve its standing in the basketball video game hierarchy, and the player ratings of NBA Live 16 likely won’t, either – at least if fans of the league’s reigning MVP have anything to say about it.

LeBron James, understandably, tops the Live ratings with a score of 97. Kevin Durant, the 2014 MVP, sits alone directly behind The King with a 96 rating, lending credence to the popular belief that he’s basketball’s second-best player. Stephen Curry, the runaway MVP winner, leading All-Star vote-getter, and best player on the league’s best team, surely comes up next, right?

Wrong. Curry’s 94 rating makes him the eighth-ranked player in NBA Live 16, tied with with three other awesome, but far less accomplished stars. Below is a list of the game’s 11 highest-rated players.

  • 1. LeBron James – 97
  • 2. Kevin Durant – 96
  • 3 (tie). Anthony Davis – 95
  • 3 (tie). Marc Gasol – 95
  • 3 (tie). Blake Griffin – 95
  • 3 (tie). James Harden – 95
  • 3 (tie). Chris Paul – 95
  • 8 (tie). LaMarcus Aldridge – 94
  • 8 (tie). DeMarcus Cousins – 94
  • 8 (tie). Stephen Curry – 94
  • 8 (tie). Russell Westbrook – 94

We won’t do the players rated above Curry the injustice of explaining why many consider him the best in the NBA. Each of the names listed here are franchise-changing talents, guys who can single-handedly alter the fortunes of whatever team is lucky enough to have them.

But in terms of offensive impact, Golden State’s superstar might very well be without peer. And considering the immense strides he made on the other end last season for the league’s top defensive outfit, it definitely seems like NBA Live 16 is doing Curry a disservice – the extent of it is the only thing that’s really up for debate.

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