Russell Westbrook Isn’t Scared Of Stephen Curry And Says ‘He’s Not Nothing I Haven’t Seen’

05.16.16 3 years ago

There are a million reasons to look forward to the Western Conference Finals matchup between the Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder. Chief among them: the battle between arguably the two best point guards in the NBA. Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook are about as different as superstar point guards can be. Curry is soft-spoken and deadly behind the arc, while Westbrook is brash and unstoppable getting to the basket. They’re both equally thrilling to watch in their own ways, and the contrast of styles is going to be loads of fun.

Westbrook, of course, is not backing down from the challenge of guarding Curry. At shootaround on Monday morning, he had this to say:

The response was exactly what you’d expect from Westbrook, who isn’t going to defer to anybody. And the comparison to Damian Lillard isn’t a slight — Curry is obviously a better player than Lillard, but they have a similar penchant for taking and making ridiculous shots. (And those Curry comparisons aren’t stopping for Lillard anytime soon.)

Curry will likely use Westbrook’s comments as motivation and probably say something back to Westbrook the first chance he gets – if Curry’s response to LeBron’s comments the other day are any indication – and that will only up the intensity of the duel. In this instance, everyone wins, especially the fans.

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