Steph Curry Reads His Old Scouting Report In An Awesome New CoachUp Commercial

Earlier this summer, we reported on Steph Curry‘s new partnership with a Boston-based startup called CoachUp, which founder Jordan Fliegel refers to as the “Uber of coaching,” as it helps pair up athletes of all ages and skill levels with private coaches in their local area via the website.

Curry, who joined the CoachUp leadership team earlier this year, has always been a big proponent of private coaching, which he credits with his own personal rise to superstardom in the NBA. In an awesome new CoachUp commercial released Tuesday, Curry reads verbatim from his 2009 scouting report which, among other things, said he didn’t have the size, the handle, or the athleticism to make it in the NBA.

Here’s what Curry had to say about the conception of the commercial via CoachUp’s official press release:

“Over the years, I’ve been doubted and questioned – my NBA scouting report represents what some ‘experts’ said about my ability,” said Curry. “But, no matter what people said, I always blocked them out and kept training.  That dedication and commitment to the game I love, the long hours spent honing my skills one-on-one with my coaches, is what ultimately drove my success. Every athlete can benefit from working with an individual coach, whether it’s to help them beat the doubters or just build confidence in their abilities. That’s why I’m a part of CoachUp – to help athletes reach another level in sports and life.”

The new video spot is overlaid with Drake’s “0 to 100,” which name-drops Curry and is a fitting metaphor for his career trajectory, which culminated in both the 2015 regular-season MVP award and the Golden State Warriors’ first NBA title in 40 years.

It’s not as if Curry — who still works out with private coaches in the offseason — needs any added incentive, but almost on cue, the Vegas odds-makers picked the Cleveland Cavaliers (i.e. the team Curry and the Dubs just beat in the Finals) as the 11-4 title favorites next season, with Curry and his clan coming in second with 9-2 odds.

It’s nothing new to Curry, and if this new commercial is any indication, Curry might very well make the odds-makers and any other doubters eat their words once again come next spring.

(via CoachUp)