Steph Curry Claps Back At The Haters For Making Fun Of His Shoes

Under Armour debuted Steph Curry’s new show the Curry 2 Low ‘Chef’ Thursday and the Internet immediately lost their collective minds. The white colorway was meme’d to death, photoshopped onto all sorts of elderly and uncool people. It wasn’t entirely undeserved – the shoe is only a little lame – but not every Jordan or LeBron sneaker is a home run either.

Well, Friday night, behind Steph’s 38 points and seven three-pointers, the Warriors beat the Cavs 108-97 to take a commanding 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals. After the game, Marcus Thompson of the Bay Area News Group did the entire Internet a favor by asking Steph what he thought about the reaction to his kicks. “Did you see all the talk about your Curry 2 release and did any part of you want to wear them tonight?”

Curry chuckled on the postgame podium and took it all in stride, saying, “If I had them in my road bag I would have worn them to show how fire they are.” Steph echoes his brother’s sentiment, and it’s a given the Curry household is laughing at the memes all the way to the bank with their latest Under Armour checks.


But fret not, internet. At least Steph has a sense of humor about the whole thing. “I liked all the nicknames though,” he said.