Here’s Stephen Curry Going Super Saiyan During The NBA Finals

In the last couple of games of the NBA Finals, Stephen Curry has looked like the MVP he was during the regular season, doing things no human should be able to do. But, what if he isn’t a human at all? What if he’s a humanoid alien left as a child on this planet, the atmosphere of which combines with his alien genetics to allow him super-human abilities? If you looked closely during Game 4, you might have noticed a clue that supports this theory. Imgur user Proxyrax enhanced the video to make sure you didn’t miss it.

To get the full effect, synchronize the above video with the audio from this one, of Steph’s countryman Goku (of the documentary series Dragon Ball Z):

Of course, LeBron James’ own alien nature was on display after his heroics in Game 2. (Is anyone surprised he’s not human? I’m not.)


Hopefully LeBron can increase his own power level (maybe to Super Saiyan 3?) on Tuesday night to extend the NBA Finals to a seventh game. Or at least until Majin Buu shows up, and LeBron and Steph need to team up to beat him (okay, I’ll stop).

(Via Imgur)