Stephen Jackson Almost Puked On TV After Trying Nikola Mirotic’s Mayonnaise And Jelly Sandwich


Nikola Mirotic is a good basketball player and seems like a pretty decent guy, so it was upsetting to learn that he might have the worst palate of anyone on earth. The Bulls released a video of Mirotic making a dang mayonnaise and jelly sandwich, and because you, humble reader, know what things taste like, you already know that no one liked it and that the smartest person in the video were the people who refused to eat it.

But listen, if there were media folks who were willing to try Terry Rozier’s spaghetti, sugar, and ranch sandwich, you knew that someone was going to take a bite out of Mirotic’s jelly and mayo sandwich on live television. Fortunately for all of us, that person was Stephen Jackson, who has no issue expressing when he does not like something.

Jackson appeared on The Jump with Paul Pierce. Host Rachel Nichols had the two panelists take a bite, and Jackson dang near puked everywhere.

Jackson took a massive bite and really let the flavors of bread, grape jelly, and mayo coat his entire palate. Pierce took a bite and took it out of his mouth, while Nichols tried Mirotic’s other creation, Oreos dipped in orange juice. Jackson, to his credit, looked like he tried to chew the food and swallow it, which makes him a stronger man than I am.

After watching this, we can all agree on two things: This sandwich looks gross, and the person who came up with the idea for this segment should buy Jackson a steak dinner tonight.