Stephon Marbury Has A Documentary Coming Out In China, And The Trailer Is Completely Insane

Stephon Marbury hasn’t appeared in an NBA game since the 2008-2009 season. For many American fans, that is likely when his career path fell out of view. However, Marbury has been a legend in the Chinese Basketball Association since 2010 and it has been a heck of a ride.

Among the notable events during his tenure in China are Marbury appearing in a stage play bearing his name, a children’s museum being dedicated to him entirely and, of course, the presentation of a full-size statue in place of an MVP trophy that Marbury earned. With that said, the latest venture Marbury might top them all, as he stars in a feature-length Chinese documentary about his life entitled My Other Home.

The trailer can be seen here. Be prepared, it’s way more intense than you are probably expecting

As you can see, there is plenty of English dialogue, though it should be noted that it is only showing in Chinese theaters. For the most part, the biggest takeaway is the pure emotion of the trailer, as it paints Marbury in a heavy light with various shots of tears and anguish combined with what one can only assume is ultimate triumph.

If you look closely, it is clear that former NBA All-Star Baron Davis is involved in the film as an actor and there is some live-action basketball to hold the viewer’s attention. Additionally, Allen Iverson is reportedly going to appear in the film, which is fantastic.

More than anything, it is wild to consider that Stephon Marbury would have a movie made in his honor and be asked to star in it as a 40-year-old. Considering the (very) limited list of American athletes that have been blessed with such a venture, it speaks to Marbury’s fame and importance to China’s sports landscape.

(Via Deadspin)