Stephon Marbury Wants to Play In Milan, Italy

08.15.08 10 years ago 29 Comments
Stephon MarburySteph (photo. Chad Griffith)

Do you remember last off-season when Stephon Marbury promised that he would end his career by playing in Milan, Italy? At the time, it was just another stop on the crazy train that had become Steph’s life – right up there with the infamous appearance on Bruce Beck’s NBC show where he mumbled something incestuous about his sister, among other things.

But now, with nine players defecting for Europe, it really doesn’t sound so crazy after all. That is, except for the fact that he’s talking about it now, 24 hours after Knicks GM Donnie Walsh talked about giving Steph a clean slate to play in New York next year.

Steph isn’t burning a bridge with the Knicks – he said that he wants to play in New York or with another NBA team this year. It’s just really not the best timing to get the media firestorm going about how he’s the next guy to go overseas.

“People just didn’t understand and didn’t know (last summer),” said Marbury, who will be in Coney Island Sunday when his summer kids basketball league holds its Finals at Surfside Gardens. “When I made comments about playing overseas people took it out of perspective, thought I was talking about leaving while still playing for the Knicks. It was turned into something negative about going to Italy. Now it seems it’s OK.

Why wouldn’t you want to play basketball, still make money and live in a place that’s beautiful,” Marbury added. “Milan is definitely where I want to play basketball at. That’s where I fell in love with Italy.”

While that justification makes a lot of sense, his reasoning for staying in New York this season isn’t quite as clear.

“I’m fine, I don’t look at it as an uneasy situation,” he added. “There’s no place but America where you can make 20 million dollars for free. I can’t get mad if they want to go in a different direction and want to pay me. All I can do is say is thank you and appreciate it and understand it’s a business and I’ll keep moving. It’s nothing personal. I love New York and that’s the team I want to play for, but there are other teams out there.”

Source: NY Post

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