Steph Curry Spoke Out Against The Anti-LGBT Law In North Carolina

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Add Steph Curry to the list of people and brands that have spoken out against North Carolina’s anti-LGBT bathroom bill that is amazingly still a thing despite the millions in revenue it has or will cost the state.

Curry grew up in Charlotte and went to college at Davidson, but sort of sat on the fence when asked about this in April. He was far more definitive about HB2 (House Bill 2) in an interview with The Associated Press:

”I think it’s unfortunate for our city and our state to be under the microscope with HB2 and how it’s unfolded,” Curry said in an interview with The Associated Press. ”I’m all for equal and fair rights and treatment for everybody. Until it gets addressed, until some changes are made, this could be a recurring theme in North Carolina. I don’t want that happen.”

”The All-Star Game has been moved, the NCAA Tournament, things that would bring so much joy and support to the city, mainstay events. But I think it’s a conversation that will continue until changes are made. I don’t have any answers as to how that will happen, but hopefully it happens sooner rather than later.”

The latest withdrawal of a major event was the NCAA moving the traditional first- and second-round men’s tournament games that have taken place in Greensboro since forever. On the bright side, this means Duke and UNC won’t get two free home games when one of them wins the ACC Tournament this year because that’s always an annoying part of figuring out your bracket.

What has to happen for Governor Pat McCrory to strike this bill down? Is he really that terrified of urinating next to someone in a public bathroom who may not be the gender he prefers? At this point, all the tobacco in North Carolina would have to rise from the ground and form a sentient being that threatens to move to Wyoming if McCrory doesn’t get this law off the books for this to end.

(The Associated Press via NBA.com)