Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer Supposedly Started Crying In The Free Agency Meeting With Kevin Durant

On Saturday, Kevin Durant will continue to sift through the options offered by his cavalcade of free agency suitors, with the Spurs and Celtics pitching their teams to the NBA’s biggest free agent of the summer in the Hamptons. But during Friday’s fête with the Warriors and Clippers, it was L.A. where KD was allegedly “blown away” by the Big Four Three presentation he was given, despite the fact Chris Paul was absent. (Don’t worry Clippers fans, they still spoke before the Clippers had their say. Uncle Cliff won’t let you down.)

Perhaps some of the reported positivity about the meeting stemmed from how emotionally involved former Microsoft CEO and now-Clippers owner Steve Ballmer can get about his team.

After years of covert and more explicit racism under odious former owner, Donald Sterling, Ballmer’s wacky hijinks were a fun change of pace in Los Angeles. He cared, that much was obvious, and he shelled out an NBA-record $2 billion to purchase them from Sterling, forever endearing himself to today’s current roster.

So maybe it was that same emotion that impressed Durant so much. Ballmer reportedly cried, after all.

Regardless of how things went, the Clippers are still a long-shot to sign the 2014 MVP. Aside from talks with Boston and San Antonio today, and the positive meeting with the Warriors Durant also had on Friday, Kevin’s speaking to Pat Riley and Heat owner Mickey Arison in the Hamptons on Sunday. And in a surprise move, which was impressively shrewd of Thunder GM Sam Presti, Oklahoma City will get the final meeting with their incumbent star on Sunday as well, even though they spent a lot of time with him making their pitch the Thursday before free agency tipped off.

Durant is expected by many to make his decision at the conclusion of the July Fourth weekend on Tuesday. There’s no telling what happens before then, or what he could possibly be thinking, but Ballmer left his heart on his sleeve at the meeting, and there’s really not much more you can ask of your owner.

An owner who still needs to work on his DAP.

Hopefully, through all the tears, he connected with KD on their fist pump after the emotional meeting.


Bruski says it was a joke and satire.

And the best satire is usually good enough to pass as reality.