Steve Ballmer’s Super Weird Thigh Grab Celebration Had Everyone Uncomfortable

Steve Ballmer has a reputation for being the most animated owner in all of basketball. While that title in all of sports probably belongs to that guy in China who owns a soccer team and makes them play him and his son, Ballmer has this market cornered in the NBA and, probably, in the United States.

That leads to Ballmer doing some really weird stuff when he celebrates good things happening to the Los Angeles Clippers. Our latest example of this came on Wednesday night during Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals against the Phoenix Suns. I’m just gonna drop in the video and then we’re all gonna talk about how weird it is, cool? Cool. Let’s go to the video…

That’s super weird, man! I have no idea what he’s even trying to go for with this, it’s not like an emphatic slap on the back or anything, this is just grabbing and shaking another human’s thigh. Anyway, the Twitterverse, as you can expect, was just as confused about this as you and I were, friend.


One person even gave it as good of a nickname as you can, given the circumstances.

Having said this, please do not ever give another person a thigh five.