There’s Reportedly A Warrant Out For Steve Francis After A Bizarre String Of Incidents

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Steve Francis made headlines early Monday when news came out that he was arrested for suspicion of driving while intoxicated. As it turns out, that was only the start of his legal issues on Monday, as there is a warrant out for the former NBA All-Star’s arrest.

According to TMZ, Francis broke into a BMW and stole more than $7,000 worth of goods back in June. How did he break into a car? Well, he went to a restaurant in Florida and saw the vehicle, which led to him asking a bartender for a flashlight before he went to the car and stole a makeup pouch, a wallet, a gold wedding ring, a gold diamond band, earrings, press credentials, and money.

The weirdest part came after, when Francis reportedly turned himself into the police two days later. Francis reportedly brought everything to the authorities in a bag and said “I just robbed somebody, take me to jail. I’m turning myself in.” However, the police apparently decided to let him go and only recently decided to put a warrant out for his arrest. This, per TMZ, is because “officials in Florida caught wind of the fact Francis was arrested in Houston for DWI over the weekend and are now trying to extradite him.”

Considering how Francis reportedly thinking of putting in the work to come back last season, this is quite the fall for the 39 year old.

(Via TMZ)

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