Steve Kerr Felt Like An Idiot For Forgetting To Praise Steph Curry At The Warriors Parade

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06.17.17 5 Comments

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Steve Kerr has given two speeches at championship parades during his time as a head coach. His first one in 2015 went off without a hitch, but his second one in 2017 didn’t go quite as well. Kerr committed a bit of a brain fart during his speech as he forgot to praise Steph Curry while he was shouting out everyone on the Warriors.

According to The Mercury News, Kerr didn’t plan on going down the bench and praising all of his players individually, but ultimately changed his mind during his speech. While his intentions were good, the execution could have been a bit better, as the two-time MVP went unnoticed.

As the story goes, Kerr’s wife told him that he didn’t mention Curry after he sat back down, which he didn’t believe, because it sounds kind of absurd. But Kerr realized he was wrong because his wife was so certain that he made a mistake. After telling himself that he is “such an idiot,” Kerr apologized to Curry with the sense of humor that has become a trademark of his tenure in the league.

“Steph, I’m so embarrassed,” Kerr said. “I forgot to talk about you. You’re not that important to the team anyway.”

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