Steve Kerr And The Warriors Told Nick Young ‘You’re Perfect For Us’

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The Golden State Warriors really do love Swaggy P. Warriors coach Steve Kerr was asked about Nick Young and he raved about what the guard can bring to the reigning NBA champions.

It sound kind of like a misquoted line from Love, Actually but apparently it’s a real thing Kerr said to the luckiest man in the NBA.

The former Los Angeles Lakers sharpshooter was picked up by Golden State this offseason in an effort to bolster the team’s depth from the perimeter, and though Swaggy P always inspires a level of skepticism with his game, Kerr said the team has high hopes for its newest guard.

There’s a lot to unpack here, but wait KD and Draymond Green were there to help sell Young on the Warriors? Yes, yes they were.

Steve, I’m pretty sure you could have sold Nick Young on the team that’s won two of the last three NBA titles without bringing some of those champions in the flesh. You’ve got a lot to offer a guy, my dude. But it is a nice gesture that the team genuinely thinks Young can contribute to the squad.

Kerr said on Friday that he thinks the Warriors are better this year than they were last year. It’s a scary proposition for the rest of the NBA to consider, but with JaVale McGee back and Young motivated and ready to slip into the lineup, Kerr might not be so far off in that assumption.