Steve Nash On Resting Stars And Shaq Saying He Deserved Those MVPs

04.05.17 2 years ago

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You hear all the time that it’s the Golden Age of point guards in the NBA, and it’s a position that has undergone such a dramatic transformation in recent years that it almost defies description. It’s such that there are very few of what were once considered “pure” point guards remaining.

Superstars like Chris Paul and John Wall, for instance, represent what is, if not necessarily a dying breed, then a perpetually evolving one. Retired two-time MVP Steve Nash will likely go down as one of the best old-school point guards of all-time, yet he and the Phoenix Suns of the mid-2000s anticipated, and in some ways helped pioneer, how the game is played today with its emphasis on pace, ball movement, and three-point shooting.

Nash spoke to DIME recently about how the “Seven Seconds or Less” Suns ushered in a new era in the NBA, how he feels about Shaq saying he should’ve won his MVPs, what to do about resting players, and more.

Tell us about the Allstate NABC Good Works project?

This is really exciting for me to come back to Arizona and be a part of this. The NABC Good Works team is just phenomenal. Allstate has done an amazing job of recognizing 10 college basketball players who are having an impact on their community. Some of them are just working tirelessly to have an effect on their cause, and others are actually creating platforms that can create change and affect people, so tremendous group to be involved with, and we’re going to have some clinics for the Special Olympics of Arizona and hopefully set a great example for a lot of young people out there so they can do the same.

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