Steph Curry’s Absurd Performances Have Steve Nash Wishing He Was Younger, ‘So I Could Emulate Him’

12.05.15 3 years ago
steph curry steve nash

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“I didn’t have a Steph to say, that’s possible,” Steve Nash told Bruce Arthur of the Toronto Star before Saturday’s Warriors – Raptors tip. Golden State will be looking to extend their history-making win streak to 21, after surpassing the previous high of 16 early last week. Their next step(h) towards history will have to come at the Air Canada Centre and so it made sense Arthur would check in with the two-time MVP and Canada’s greatest basketball player ever.

Nash isn’t just tied to the Warriors because they’re playing in Toronto Saturday night. He joined their organization during the offseason as a player-development consultant, the sort of amorphous job title that lets him pick and choose his responsibilities. Despite the timing, he was quick to deflect any credit for their hot start during his discussion with Arthur.

“I would cringe if I got any credit for what he’s doing,” Nash told Arthur over the phone from the home he keeps in Los Angeles.

For NBA fans, Nash’s place as the focal point of Phoenix’s acclaimed, sprint-happy offense — immortalized, honored and appointed by Jack McCallum in Seven Seconds or Less — offers up compelling evidence he could be Curry’s on-court progenitor; Nash was a supremely skilled point guard without overwhelming athleticism whose one-man fast break and pick-and-roll heavy tenor turned the league inside-out from the post- and iso-heavy days of yore to the whiplash-inducing side-to-side perimeter ball movement and three-point shooting we see in today’s game. After Nash rearranged the offensive blueprint with Mike D’Antoni in Phoenix, Nash has escalated it even further and at a seemingly exponential rate that’s left fans and analysts in delight and awe.

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