Steve Novak’s Son Now Has Absolutely No Idea Who His Dad Plays For

The trade deadline is confusing for everyone, from fans to reporters to teams to even the players themselves. This is especially true for the journeyman types, like Steve Novak, who know that permanence is almost a nonexistent concept in the NBA. Since 2012, Novak has played for four different teams: the Knicks, Raptors, Jazz and Thunder.

After the Thunder traded Novak, along with DJ Augustin and a second-round pick, to the Nuggets for Randy Foye, Novak now has the chance to add a fifth team to that list (though it won’t be the Nuggets, since they plan on buying him out). By now, Novak is probably used to the constant shuffling. His son, on the other hand, still hasn’t quite got the hang of it.

Novak has clearly mastered the art of Dad Twitter: corny joke + kid + sport = immense success. We hope little Novak is just as excited as his father to add another piece of team clothing to that collage.