Steven Adams Gave A Great Answer When Asked About Medical Marijuana

When Golden State Warriors’ head coach Steve Kerr announced that he used medical marijuana to treat his injured back, it immediately became a topic of conversation, especially about whether it would be okay for NBA players to use it to treat ailments during the season.

The always quotable Steven Adams was asked about the merits of medical marijuana and answered in the way you’d expect, according to Royce Young.

“I haven’t researched it much,” said Adams in response to the question about the medical benefits of marijuana. “Obviously, there’s like things out there that actually need it, but I’m no doctor, man. The only thing I know is like, if dudes want to go to another world, take that guy and that will take their minds off of it. In terms of medical — no idea, mate.”

In a follow up question, Adams jokingly implored writers to tell him where the doctors are who are handing out prescriptions for medical marijuana.

There have been several studies about the dangers of the use of prescription painkillers for pro athletes and the call for the use of medical marijuana is heating up, especially in the NFL. Former NFL player Eugene Monroe spoke with the NY Times about the prescription versus marijuana battle happening between the NFL and its players.

“We now know that these drugs are not as safe as doctors thought, causing higher rates of addiction, causing death all around our country,” Monroe told the NY Times. “And we have cannabis, which is far healthier, far less addictive and, quite frankly, can be better in managing pain.”

While there seems to be no shift in the allowance of pro-athletes using marijuana for medicinal purposes, at least we’ll have Adams around to joke about it until things change.

(via Royce Young)