Steven Adams Had The Time Of His Life While The Thunder Spent A Day At The Zoo

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Steven Adams is one of the most fascinating characters in the NBA. He’s a hilarious quote, whether it’s about Carmelo Anthony’s defense or when asked about the University of Pittsburgh. He can even make not knowing something uniquely funny.

But one thing Adams knows is animals, and the Thunder big man was in his element as the team visited the zoo on Thursday. Adams appeared to have the time of his life among the wild things, flirting with a rhinoceros and taking selfies with elephants.

We’ll get to the pictures and all the fun but let’s start with a delightful interview in which Adams was asked why he loves animals so much, which includes him using the word “hoomans.”

Adams seemed particularly enamored with a rhinoceros he got up close and personal with. He also had a time with the elephants at the zoo, too.

Seriously, look at how dang happy he was to watch a baby elephant play. He’s dancing in place!

Adams wasn’t the only Thunder player to have fun at the zoo, though. Here’s Raymond Felton, Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony getting to play sea lion trainer for a bit.

Melo looks a bit skeptical here but it seems like he eventually warmed up to the creatures.

The important thing is that iooks like the whole team had some fun on Thursday, though Adams was the star.

It’s always nice to leave the kids with a positive message.