Stop the Ridiculous Dallas Trade Rumors

04.10.09 10 years ago 19 Comments

First Mark Cuban and Shaq tweeted their way into a trade conversation. By all accounts, it seems like the Diesel initiated the conversation, and it’s a generally one-sided interest. But while Cuban put some of these rumors to bed, he stoked the fire on another – much more ridiculous – trade rumor:

Get Chris Paul from the Hornets by bailing them out of a troubling financial situation.

Let’s make this clear: if the Hornets were to make this move, they should fold as a franchise. If a team in a league with a salary cap is going to be so badly damaged by stepping into luxury tax territory that they have to trade away one of the top five players in the League for nothing, they shouldn’t exist. This move would be far worse than what the Florida Marlins did after they won the World Series in 1997 and 2003, in which they famously sold off all of their high-profile talent. Their main motivation was to cut costs, but in doing so, at least they got young minor league prospects in return.

The proposal put forth by Tim MacMahon wouldn’t include a legit return on Chris Paul except for a boatload of expiring contracts:

Acquiring Paul, a perennial MVP candidate who hasn’t even hit his prime yet, and a couple of his overpaid pals would be a no-brainer basketball deal for the Mavs. For the Hornets, such a deal would make sense only because of the dollars.

The Hornets are a prime example of a team that might have to make a desperate, cost-cutting deal due to the economy. They play in a small market still recovering from Hurricane Katrina and are in luxury-tax territory. That awful combination led them to trade Tyson Chandler for spare parts in the middle of a playoff race, although Oklahoma City’s doctors ultimately vetoed that deal.

Cuban can put together a heck of a bailout package for the Hornets, the bulk of which would consist of the expiring contracts of Jerry Stackhouse, Josh Howard and Erick Dampier.

We shouldn’t even entertain this as a real idea. But if it were to actually happen, what do fans in New Orleans do? They don’t go out and buy Stackhouse jerseys. It’d be a horrible basketball decision and maybe an even worse business decision. No matter what Mark Cuban wants, this can’t happen.

Source: Dallas News

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