Story Time With Scalabrine: KG Beats Glen Davis In “Over The Top” Arm Wrestling

After Kevin Garnett pretended he’s was going to bite Joakim Noah on the court then gave Mike Tyson a shout out, Fox Sports 1 had Brian Scalabrine on to regale watchers with his own KG anecdote. Scals told a story of his time with the Celtics when Garnett proved he was the alpha on the team during an impromptu arm wrestling contest on the team plane.

It seems the Celtics were arm wrestling each other during the 2010 season, and Glen “Big Baby” Davis was beating everyone. The 300-plus pound forward is a handful, but the svelte Garnett decided to have at him on the team flight.

For the first minute and a half of the contest, neither armed budged, with KG telling Davis, “I’m not moving!” According to Scals there was also some profanity, which makes this a more accurate re-telling of what happened.

Eventually, well, we’ll just transcribe how Scals tells Fox Sports:

“About a minute thirty goes by, and Big Baby’s shoulder starts to fatigue out, and Garnett starts going, going and slams Big Baby down on the table for the win and he gets up — with a lot of profanity — he says, “I’M THE ALPHA MALE IN THIS THING.”

What a priceless KG moment Scals recalled:

Watching Scalabrine’s KG story unfold, it’s impossible for us not to think of Sly Stallone in Over the Top:

(via Fox Sports)

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