This Student Crossed Up His Teacher So Brutally That He May Never Pass Another Class Again

Crossing an opponent up is the single most brutal individual accomplishment someone can achieve on a basketball court. It’s a hilariously disrespectful way of letting someone know that they could not check you because you are too good. Also, I am fairly sure that your ability to knock down a jumper increases by 85 percent after you hit someone with a move that sends them to the floor, but there is no evidence to support that claim.

When you’re in high school, there is something rewarding about making a teacher look silly. For Tristan Jass, a high school basketball player from Wisconsin, he took that to another level when he hit the Shammgod on one of his teachers. It was horrifying, as the poor teacher hit the deck and did a barrel roll.

Please, someone, put the audio from the “EXPOSE HIM” Vine over this posthaste.

Toying with his teacher by dribbling with his left hand while getting guarded so closely was really mean in its own right, but this Shammgod was just nasty. This didn’t just shatter the teacher’s ankles, but his confidence also probably went straight down the tubes here – according to the caption, the teacher said he could check Tristan. He very obviously could not.

If teachers at this school decide to rally around their fallen brother, you gotta feel bad for this kid, because he is going to get F’s for the rest of his high school career. Still, if you ask Tristan, he’ll probably say it was totally worth it.

(Via For The Win)