The Suns Reportedly Sent Eric Bledsoe Home After His ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Here’ Tweet

10.23.17 1 year ago 2 Comments


The Suns have done the impossible and taken over the title of being the NBA’s biggest disaster from the Chicago Bulls, a team who had a practice fight that left one player hospitalized and another suspended for eight games prior to the season even starting.

After a second 40-point loss in three games, the Suns fired coach Earl Watson on Sunday while point guard Eric Bledsoe took to Twitter to request a trade. Bledsoe’s tweet wasn’t possible to misinterpret, as he simply said, “I don’t wanna be here.” This led DeAndre Jordan to stump for his old teammate to “come home” to Los Angeles and the Clippers.

The Suns’ very active Sunday was among the strangest days we’ve seen an NBA franchise have in quite some time, and on Monday there was, unsurprisingly, some fallout from Bledsoe’s tweet. He, in a way, got his wish to not be there, as the Suns sent him home from the arena and he will not play on Monday against the Kings.

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