Super Agent’s Son Kicks Game To Rihanna Courtside At Lakers Game

This is going to piss some people off. But those people should understand that if they had been placed next to R & B star Rihanna courtside at a Lakers game, they probably wouldn’t have taken advantage of their good luck quite as much as this kid did on Friday night during the Lakers – Warriors game.

The kid is super agent Ari Emanuel‘s son, but he’s also a teenage boy with all the raging hormones and awkward voice cracks. Still, Rihanna seems to find him adorable, and the kid has a s**t-eating grin on his face the likes of which most parents of overindulgent teenagers know and understand.

But, come on, he’s flirting with Rihanna courtside at a Lakers game. Sure, we could make the obvious Jack Nicholson joke, but why bother?

If you’re barely a teenager and you get a chance to sit next to one of the most famous and desirable singers in the world, most of us would crumple into a sweaty ball of trepidation and awkwardness. This kid just revels in it.

Maybe it’s the genes? If you’re not familiar with super agent Ari Emanuel, just know that Jeremy Piven‘s Ari Gold character from HBO’s Entourage, was based off Emanuel.

‘Nuff said, this all makes sense now. The kid’s a regular chip off the ol’ block.

[h/t: brobible; @cjzero; @sandra_apps]

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