Kobe Bryant Praised Tom Brady With A Bad Deflategate Joke After Super Bowl 51

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Kobe Bryant has five championships. Tom Brady, after winning Super Bowl LI, have five championships.

Kobe Bryant isn’t good at jokes. Tom Brady is good at cheating.

All these facts came together to create a tweet Kobe showed to all his friends at his Super Bowl party (if he had a Super Bowl party or friends).

Get it? Because of Deflategate. What a great joke. No one has ever thought rings deflate, but footballs do and Brady had his deflated illegally two years and was suspended four games for it. What is even the point of bringing it up? It happened. It’s not like it didn’t happen. Brady has been caught cheating twice in his career on the way to Super Bowls. Winning last night doesn’t change or erase that.

Let’s say, hypothetically, Tom Brady murdered someone and was convicted of the crime. He spends five years in a prison. He’s released. He rejoins the Patriots. In his first year back, he wins a Super Bowl. “Can’t murder six rings” is a bad tweet no matter how you slice it. He still did a murder. Winning doesn’t erase your crimes.

And based on past crimes, maybe we should wait a couple weeks to see if the Patriots cheated to win this Super Bowl, too.