Superman takes out Chicago’s franchise; B-Roy goes for 41

03.12.10 9 years ago 37 Comments

Bulls/Magic was over the moment Derrick Rose crashed to the floor and sprained his left wrist. On a night when the Bulls were already playing without Joakim Noah (foot) and Luol Deng (calf), and Orlando has been smashing all non-contender squads during their now seven-game win streak, Chicago’s only chance would be if D-Rose went off like Shep in Above the Rim — or if Vinny Del Negro hopped in a Hot Tub Time Machine and brought Mike and Scottie back with him … Late in the first quarter, Rose went to the rack and threw his body into Dwight Howard, hurting himself when he tried to break the fall. The play was exactly like the one from last month when Dwight and Rose collided and Rose wound up with a hip injury. Both times Rose didn’t return to the game, and now we’ll wait and see how long this wrist issue will keep him sidelined. Two things we did learn last night: (1) Rose is gonna have to take a page from D-Wade and pull back a little on the recklessness since he is The Franchise, and (2) Dwight is officially a brick wall with blood vessels … Orlando was already up by a dozen when Rose got hurt, and were soon flirting with a 30-piecing, a lead they kept the rest of the way. Vince Carter led the Magic with 23 points, as none of the starters played more than 28 minutes. Towards the end, the crowd was chanting “We want Foyle!” for Adonal Foyle, but Stan Van Gundy still didn’t give the guy any burn. That’s just wrong … You might find it odd that rookie Taj Gibson already has a significantly more sophisticated post game than six-year vet Dwight Howard, but Taj is more experienced than you think. Remember, he went to USC. He’s been cashing basketball checks for like 3-4 years now … Charles Barkley was trying to explain that players need to learn how to fall to avoid injuries like the one Rose sustained. He stressed that landing on your ass is ideal. But you know Chuck can barely talk, so at one point it sounded like he said, “Your body is a lot stronger than the balls in your hand.” By the time he was done, Kevin McHale had given Barkley a new nickname: “Big Pillows” … The Blazers were down as much as 16 in the fourth quarter at Golden State, but thanks in part to a 12-0 run, grabbed the lead with about three minutes to go and hung on from there. Nate McMillan had Portland go to a zone, forcing the Warriors to shoot long jumpers — not that anybody on Nellie‘s roster is hesitant to do that — that weren’t going down for anything. Meanwhile, Rudy Fernandez hit a couple huge threes, and as the Warriors kept seeing guys foul out and their lineup got even smaller, LaMarcus Aldridge and Marcus Camby‘s (17 rebs) size was just too much. Brandon Roy dropped 41 points for the game — like a video loop of post-ups, layups and free throws — and he didn’t even have to do a lot in the fourth quarter … When Monta Ellis fouled out, you could see one of G-State’s D-League guys (honestly, we couldn’t tell you who it was) shaking his head and rolling his eyes on the bench. And it didn’t even seem like dude was disagreeing with the refs. That look told us he thought Monta was being ridiculous for throwing a temper tantrum after the whistle … But just when the Warriors seemed finished with under a minute to go and the crowd racing to the parking lot, Stephen Curry knocked down a three, their first field goal in like six minutes, to cut the Portland lead to three. So what happens on the next possession? Of course Curry doesn’t touch the ball as Reggie Williams bricks a three. Makes sense. Why would you give the ball back to the only guy on your team who might stand a chance at being in a rhythm? … In Thursday’s only other game, Jamal Crawford scored 30 off the bench to lead the Hawks past Washington, while Andray Blatche put up 30 and 10 boards in the loss … There were lots of good college games yesterday, but the Big East tournament was wild: Three of the top four seeds were knocked out, as Syracuse lost to Georgetown, Villanova lost to Marquette, and Pitt lost to Notre Dame. And West Virginia blew a big early lead to go right down to the wire with underdog Cincinnati, but Da’Sean Butler banked in a three at the buzzer to move the Mountaineers into the semifinals .. Bill Raftery on Bob Huggins: “Some coaches bring five suits to the tournament. He brings two sweatsuits.” … We’re out like Foyle …

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