Side-Splitting: Glen Davis Badly Fails To Grab This T-Shirt Stuck On The Backboard

T-Shirt Cannons are as much a part of the in-game NBA experience as zany mascots, over-priced beer and the disbelief at the sheer size of the athletes on the court. During this weekend’s Clippers win over the Grizzlies that saw Memphis lose yet another star to an injury, an errant t-shirt cannon caused a stoppage in play.

Better than the site of Spencer Hawes snagging the shirt off the top of the backboard with a broom, was Glen “Big Baby” Davis attempting to jump up and grab the shirt beforehand. The tee was hanging off the top of the backboard, nearly 13 feet in the air. He, um, doesn’t get very close.

Davis is listed at 6’9, which means he’s probably closer to 6’8. But it’s not Davis’ height that’s holding him back. He’s a big body, one that’s designed to take and give poundings in the post. He’s also surprisingly light on his feet, but laterally more so than vertically. He’s got a lot of girth to push into the air, and this shirt was just too high for him.

(vine via @TheCauldron; H/T Lang Whitaker)