Taj Gibson Says He Played Through A Torn Ligament In The Playoffs Last Season

09.13.15 4 years ago
Tristan Thompson, Taj Gibson

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Some people are gonna try to use this news as proof former Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau pushed his players too far. Taj Gibson admitted Saturday at his City Basketball ProCamp that he actually played through a torn ligament in his ankle during Chicago’s run to the Eastern Conference Semifinal last season.

The doctor who examined Taj was pretty surprised at his tolerance for pain, as Taj recounted to K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune (subscription required). Not only that, but Taj is already way ahead of the four-month window for recovery he was given after finally having surgery on the ankle in mid-June.

“The doctor was astounded. He said he never knew anybody who could play through so much pain. I just thought it was normal,” said Gibson who sprained the ankle three times last season and has battled ankle issues in two of the last three years. “He was surprised I was even able to run or lift off it.

At the time of the surgery, the Bulls estimated Gibson would return to full basketball activity in four months. That’s mid-October. Not surprisingly, Gibson, who is running and cutting and performing one-on-one drills, is itching to beat that.

“They tightened and really reconstructed the ligament, which was completely torn off,” Gibson said. “So far, it has been stiff and really tight. I really can’t turn it. Plus, I wear a better ankle support now.

“The doctors said with more reps and running, it will get stronger. I’m in good shape. The doctor told me I’m ahead of schedule. But he doesn’t want me to rush.”

And it’s not like Taj was shirking his on-court responsibilities despite the painful tear in his ankle.

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