Tarik Black Admits Coach Luke Walton Is ‘Killing’ The Lakers During 5-On-5

09.24.16 3 years ago

Getty Image

When Luke Walton was hired to take over the Los Angeles Lakers in late April, one of the primary selling points for the former Golden State Warriors assistant was his youth and exuberance. Now, it appears that Walton is putting that energy to good use… in lighting up his own players in five-on-five drills.

As part of a feature about Walton in Los Angeles, Kevin Ding of Bleacher Report spoke to current Lakers big man Tarik Black, and he revealed that Walton is “killing” his players on the court:

“His passing ability…oh, my God. He’s still killing us with straight passes. You know he can’t run and jump with us right now. His back is what it is; he can only do so much. Still…how he shares the ball, it’s amazing.”

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