Team USA Players ‘Accidentally’ Went Into A Famous Rio Brothel

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When in Rome, do as the Romans do, right? Well a few members of Team USA basketball seem to have taken that to its Brazilian extreme during their first days in Rio, traveling to the famed Termas Monte Carlo, a world-renowned…brothel.

Now that’s not to say that Brazil, as a country, is known world-wide for their sex industry, but rather, as a nation full of beautiful people, it wouldn’t be too surprising if visitors wanted to meet some of the locals! The problem arises when, as members of arguably the most famous Olympic team in Rio, somebody finds out, as they always do.

To their credit, according to TMZ, the team members who were there supposedly didn’t know it was a brothel, but a spa, and upon finding out, simply finished their round of drinks and left. Just a quiet night out for some teammates, at a brothel, in Rio.

And look at where it is!

It’s right off Copacabana beach! Let’s all agree that if some guys on the U.S. basketball team are going to go out in Rio, we can at least be very happy that they’re smart enough to stay in one of the biggest tourism spots in the city. It’s probably crawling with police and a pretty safe place to get a drink, if you’re getting cabin fever on the cruise ship you’re living on for the next two weeks.

So who knows the full story about this adventure, but to end on a different idiom, all’s well that ends well. Have fun in Rio guys, but please try and keep your coaches from worrying too much about where you’re going out at night.

(via TMZ)